Boutique Style Walk-In Closet in Al Barari

Walk-in closet makeovers are always among the most favorite home organization projects for any home organizer and this one happened to be in the blissful Al Barari community in Dubai.

 Walk-in Closet in Al Barari


The closet had an array of eye-catching colors and luxurious accessories that we categorized and organized methodically. We achieved an elegant, boutique-style look that our client absolutely loved.

 Walk-in Closet in Al Barari


We also reorganized the master bathroom to make the most of the available space and ensure that all cosmetics and toiletries are conveniently stored. The make-up products were placed on two carts that can be easily moved around to get ready wherever is most comfortable for our client.

 Bathroom Make-Up Carts Al Barari

Bathroom Al Barari


The entire project was extremely satisfying as we got to use our creativity and expertise to achieve amazing results. If you're considering a closet makeover, we would highly recommend it! Not only will it save you time and hassle, but you'll also start loving your clothes and accessories all over again.

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